E62: Arman Sadeghi on How to Live a Happy, Balanced and Fulfilled Life

Arman Sadeghi

(The Creator of the Titanium Success Method and The Founder & CEO of ReUseTek & All Green Electronics Recycling)

Arman Sadeghi on Be Efficient Tv with Ahmed Al Kiremli 2

What’s the Difference Between Success and Fulfilment? The Method to Understand What You Want in Your Life And Why you Want it?

Is the work-life Balance is a Myth and how to create a Real Balance in our lives?, How to Eliminate the Junk and Noise from our Lives? Learn About The 10 Different Pies or Aspects for having a Balanced, Successful and Fulfilled Life (Intimacy, Family, Fun, Contribution, Emotional Wealth, Spiritual Wealth, Physical Wealth, Career or Mission , Finances, and Consistent Growth)

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Arman Sadeghi is the creator of the Titanium Success Method, which has helped thousands of people reach peak performance. His interest in personal development stemmed from his own experiences as a young adult. Arman was perplexed by the fact that many individuals attained massive success quickly, as he had, but lacked

happiness and fulfillment as well as those who attained success in specific areas but lost it quickly. This began an obsession with discovering the secrets and tools that allow individuals to succeed at a high level in every area of life while enjoying the process and maintaining the results for life. For the last 22 years, Arman has focused on learning, creating and sharing the tools that allow individuals to attain success at the highest levels on a consistent basis while enjoying daily fulfillment and happiness.

In the areas of financial abundance, weight loss, fitness, intimacy, relationships, time management, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, spirituality, career, family and true happiness, Arman has developed some of the world’s most advanced techniques. His revolutionary and unique approach is one that brings together his “4 pillars of mastery” which are knowledge, subconscious support, proven tools and conditioning. While many books and programs focus on giving individuals knowledge, Arman believes that approach only addresses 25% of what is needed for consistent success! All of his work, including live events and private coaching, revolve around the concept that individuals attain mastery only when they have the knowledge but also the subconscious support, proven tools and consistent conditioning required for true mastery. In September, 2014, Arman will be hosting his annual Titanium Live seminar in Irvine, CA where he will transform hundreds of lives in a group setting by providing participants with not only the knowledge but also the subconscious support tools and the conditioning required for ultimate success and fulfillment.

Arman attended 2 years at Harvard Medical School, and has a degree in Neuroscience and Molecular & Cell Biology from University of California Berkeley. He has established and grown nearly twelve COMPANIES in various industries and currently plays an active role in five. One of the companies, All Green Electronics Recycling, has over 120 employees and was recently ranked as the 366th fastest growing company in the United States by Inc. Magazine. As an entrepreneur, Arman’s focus on employee satisfaction and a culture of excellence within his companies have helped him develop companies that thriving, while providing their clients with the highest level of service and the highest quality in their respective industries! The success he has found in business, relationships, health, fitness, FINANCES and fulfillment have fueled his desire to help others dramatically improve their quality of life in a matter of days or weeks rather than years! Through his seminars, writing, speaking and coaching, Arman provides instruction on how to create balance in all areas of life with a focus on consistent fulfillment and growth. After decades of research and real-life trial and error, he has created a complete system with specific tools that get guaranteed results that last for a lifetime!

With a successful career, happy family life, intimate relationship and a strong sense of spirituality, Orange County Business Executive Arman Sadeghi does not pretend to have everything. Instead, he has harnessed his passion to inspire others to achieve their life goals.

He started his career in CORPORATE America–as Founder and CEO of All Green Electronics Recycling in Tustin. He is now known as one of the top keynote speakers

for CORPORATE markets that want their executives to holistically live with maximum efficiency and achieve more results.

With a mission to share his healthy mind and body ethos, last year Arman launched Titanium Success, a lifestyle MANAGEMENT agency. He embarked on a career teaching, inspiring, and sharing his life changing tools through seminars, one on one coaching and small groups.

With his engaging, and intellectual personality, Arman connects with his audiences intimately and delivers content that can be incorporated into their lifestyle immediately.

Early on Arman was led by a path of personal development, first as an undergrad attending University of California at Berkeley and then a few years later at Harvard Medical School, where he studied neuroscience. At both universities, he honed his skills to motivate and inspire critical audiences.

Arman’s love of technology and the ENVIRONMENT led him to launch the start-up All Green Electronics Recycling in Tustin, California, where he serves as CEO and oversees management of more than 125 employees.

During this time, Arman RECEIVED training and coaching in business skills. But in the back of his mind he always wanted to pursue a career in which he could help others reach their goals. Being a presenter at a TEDX Conference in 2012 gave him a taste of life as a public speaker and desire to take his personal and professional life one step further.

For Arman, Titanium is more than a motivational practice, it’s a resilient lifestyle. Titanium’s pragmatic approach uses the basic elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming—sight, sound and emotions—and teaches students how to use these skills to make positive life choices. Arman works on an ongoing basis with men and women who are successful in their careers but feel that they are lacking

fulfillment in their lives, or feel content but have phobias that prevent them from moving their lives to the next level. “Gratitude and prayer are an important part of Titanium’s principles,” he said.

“My objective to help clients take their lives to a new level by addressing certain aspects of their life, including physical health, family, intimate relationships, spiritual health and finances” he added.

Arman has officially received Titanium’s road warrior status by touring the Southland and sharing his Titanium philosophy with hundreds of Southern California executives for more than a year.

In addition to being a popular life coach and speaker, Arman is a loving husband and father of two young daughters. When not delivering positive motivational programs for audiences around the Southland, Arman is spending time with his family and managing day-to-day operations at All Green Electronics Recycling.

Arman’s Quotes:

“True happiness over a lifetime only comes from consistent daily habits that support all areas of life, not just a select few at the expense of others”

“For 22 years, I’ve studied how to attain success in every area of life on an on-going basis while enjoying the process. I have coached high level executives and elite athletes but I am now making this information available to the general public through my special Titanium Live events!”

“There is nothing I enjoy more than receiving a call or email from someone who tells me they haven’t looked this good since high school or that I’ve saved their marriage, saved them from a heart attack or saved them from bankruptcy!”

“Genius is a lifetime of effort put forth in private for a few moments of seemingly effortless results in public”

“You SIZE your body in the kitchen and you SHAPE your body in the gym”

“People waste their time doing cardio trying to lose weight but the reality is that it doesn’t work and even if they lose a few pounds through cardio, they are guaranteed to gain it all back and then some!”

“If you want to lose weight, you must cut certain foods that are essentially pure sugar! Some of those foods would surprise you because you don’t associate them with sugar at all such as fat free yogurt!”

“Most never attain financial freedom because they learn about finances from their parents who tell them to work hard and save but that plan simply doesn’t work and is doomed for failure!”

“Attaining ‘success’ prior to learning the art of fulfillment can be the most devastating experience in life and that is why we see some of the most successful people in the world taking their own life! Prior to attaining success, it’s essential that individuals learn the art of fulfillment”

“This 3-day full immersion event allows individuals to ‘float’ out of the day to day and into a new world dedicated to developing a vision for their future as well as the tools and support systems to make that vision a reality”

“I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to sharing my discoveries with people so they can live the life they deserve!”

“Your first priority in business is making sure your employees are thriving!”

“Selfishness always comes from a lack of self-love… The most selfish people who know are the ones who love and value themselves the least!”

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Interview Questions

  • From starting couple of computer company to founding a night club then back again to the INTERNET world then founding a green company, please take us through this journey
  • Tell us about Re use Tek and All Green Electronics Recycling?
  • What’s your current focus?
  • What’s the Titanium Success Method?
  • You were successful but not happy, why?
  • What’s the difference between success and fulfilment?
  • How to gain satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment? And which one of the three is more important than the other?
  • Is the work-life balance is a myth and how to create a real balance in our lives?
  • How to eliminate the junk and noise from our life?
  • You promise in your coaching courses and seminars to offer let the people discover the balance in their life within hours not  years, what  methods do you use to achieve that?
  • You are a consultant in weight loss, fitness, entrepreneurship and relationships, self love, warrior mastermind don’t you think that makes you less focused?
  •  How your masterminds works and how much it COSTS and how long it takes?
  • Why you decided to become a speaker and consultant instead of  focusing on growing your own companies?
  • Which one of the subjects that you teach you love the most and why?
  • Share with us some of the tools and techniques that you share with your students to teach them to be free financially?
  • You use social media to market for your events and services what other channels so you use to market for your services?
  • How much is your 1 on 1 coaching and live seminars cost?
  • Tell us more about your other projects that you are currently working on or planning for the future?
  • You learned more from your successes or failures and why?
  • What are your current or future fears?
  • Share with us some of the tools or software that make you more  efficient?
  • What’s your daily life and work routine looks like?
  • What are your other hobbies?
  • Who are your top 3 mentors?
  • The most important factors for success in 3 words?
  • What are the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?
  • What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay  efficient?
  • What are your top 3 favorite BOOKS?
  • What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by?
  • Do you follow any routine to sleep?
  • What makes you really happy?
  • Do you have any notes or suggestions to improve Be Efficient Tv?
  • How people can contact you?



Ahmed Al Kiremli: Hi everyone this is Ahmed Al Kiremli and welcome to Be Efficient Tv. The mission of this web TV shows to boost the efficiency of your business and lifestyle through tips and tricks from leading experts. Today I have with me Arman Sadeghi, he is the creator of titanium success method and he is the founder and CEO of reuse tech and all green electronics recycling. Welcome to the show, Arman.

Arman Sadeghi: Thank you so much for having me, I appreciate it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: My pleasure. So from starting a couple of computer companies then to a nightclub and then into a green company, take us through this journey.

Arman Sadeghi: Well you know I’ve always then, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind, I’ve been working since I was 11 years old, my first job was a paperboy liberating newspapers for the Orange County register, when I was 11 on my bicycle. So I’ve always enjoyed working hard and I’ve always love trying new things and being an entrepreneur so that has led me down many different paths, companies that really seemingly have nothing to do with each other but they all have something to do with each other in that they involve people and I love working with people so whatever excuse I can find whether it’s a computer company or its recycling or my digital marketing company or titanium success which is my coaching and seminar business, whatever it is as long as I’m working with people I find that I’m happy and that I can add value.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how from computer to nightclub and then to a green company?

Arman Sadeghi: I was one of those kids who in the early 90s, I got into computers. I was very very excited about computers at a time where most people didn’t know much about them and I worked at Montgomery words which is a department store that’s no longer in business and also Circuit City, again no longer in business but I work for both of those companies in the early and mid-90s or early 90s and so I learned a lot about computers and so I set up the computer business when I was just 15 or 16 years old, I actually dropped out of high school and started the computer business because I was interested in IT, and so to fast-forward, at some point I decided to go back to school and I went back to school and followed my, one of my passions which is medicine and the sciences so I got my degree in neuroscience, and molecular cell biology which has nothing to do with either of those three things and so when I got out I sort of went back into IT and like I said I’m an entrepreneur, I love business and an opportunity came up to purchase a restaurant that was going out of business and when I got in and started managing the restaurant I recognized the only way to save it was to generate revenue on the weekends and the way to do that was to start a nightclub in it. So in an attempt to save the business which I did we start of the nightclub and it worked out very well and so…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: And then you sold it?

Arman Sadeghi: Yes I did, so I spent some time in the restaurant and nightclub business and then before going back and then continuing my education with neuroscience I ended up going to medical school actually and attended Harvard Medical School for two years and at that point I decided that there were better ways for me to help people than through prescribing the medications and things like that.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you didn’t finish?

Arman Sadeghi: I did not finish, no. So I left Boston, move back to California and at that time I was looking for my next entrepreneurial venture. Attending school at Berkeley, I was taught to be very green and very environmentally conscious and I heard about this opportunity about this potential problem that I learned about on the show 60 minutes on CBS and I saw it and saw that electronics equipment was being junked and dumped in Third World countries, developing nations so I decided this was something I could do something about. Not only would I be doing good for the environment and helping people and potentially saving lives but also at a time where the economy was horrible, it was 2007 right when the markets had crashed and I realized I could create green jobs so I put it all together and today we have a company with over 100 employees, we were just name the 366 fastest-growing company in the country by Inc. magazine so we created jobs we are doing the green thing and I’m having a lot of fun because I’m an entrepreneur and I love business so all green is one of six businesses that I currently run but I do spend a lot of time here as you can tell with the green walls behind behind that all green right now.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the other companies you have like reuse tech, is that also integrate stuff what are the other companies are you just an investor? And also tell us how does it work at all green electronics, how do you collect those things and then recycling?

Arman Sadeghi: Sure, absolutely so reuse tech is a sister company to all green, the services that reuse tech provides are very similar at the start to all green where reuse tech, all green is all about recycling materials, the EPA has the standard of reduce reuse recycle which means that if something can be put into reuse it is best to refurbish the product and have it reused than to just basically breaking apart and scrap it and so all green’s main function is taking items that have no potential use and dismantling them down to their commodities such as steel or plastic or aluminum or copper and taking this commodities and then using them to make new products. Reuse tech on the other hand doesn’t go down to the commodity level, reuse tech is all about refurbishing equipment and reselling it so we have a lot of clients who upgrade IT equipment and most of our clients for reuse tech or large-scale corporations where they have hundreds or thousands of laptops or servers or something like that and what we do is we take all that equipment from them and then we sell it and give them back 70% of the revenue so it’s sort of a consignment job that we do for them and in some cases we just buy the equipment outright so a company may have 2000 laptops or 200 laptops, we buy the laptops from them and refurbish and resell them but those 2 are very closely related companies. In fact my third business is also fairly closely related and came as a result of having these 2 businesses and seeing that there was an additional need in the marketplace, the company is called data destruction Corporation and that business specializes in destroying electronic data so we have these trucks that operate all throughout the country where the truck can actually go to a facility, going to a business or data center and actually shred hard drive is on site so they are these beautifully designed trucks that we have custom-built, we invest about a half $1 million in each of these trucks so they have the specialized chatter on board, they have degaussers onboard that use magnets to what data so we go through a lot of different steps to ensure data security with that company. To make a long story short, those are three of the companies and they are sort of related, the fourth company is I have a digital marketing company where we create websites and do search engine optimization, pay per click, things like that, my fifth company is actually a photography and videography studio in Newport Beach California and then my last business which is my mission and my passion in life is my coaching and my coaching business, my whole seminars, I do one-on-one coaching for, I call it the performance coaching, I help people who are successful get to the next level and that has been my mission in life my entire life and I finally made it into a business because within the next few years I want to transition to where I’m spending 100% of my time in that business which is called titanium success because it truly is my mission and my passion and I want to take more of an investor role or a chairman of the board role in all of the other companies.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So what is the titanium success method?

Arman Sadeghi: Titanium success is based on this concept that in order to find true happiness in your life you have to have a well-balanced life. Well-balanced is a word that people, it’s a phrase that people use often and misuse I believe and in some cases abuse, it’s an excuse for some people to be lazy and say well I want to have a well-balanced life and what that means is that they want to work eight hours a day and take the weekends and holidays off and that to them is balance, to me that’s not balance at all because a lot of the people who work eight hours a day and 40 hours a week if you were to talk to their spouses or their children they would still tell you that they are not spending any time with them so they are using it as an excuse but not finding true balance so I work with people to find true balance in their lives and that often means they end up working more but it also means that they get more fulfillment out of their lives because now they are spending quality time if they are married with their spouse, they are spending quality time if they have children with their children and they are living their lives in a way where they have total balance. That is as I mentioned, three of those areas, career, intimate relationships and family which is what your children falling to, I have a wheel of life essentially that has seven more areas. Those areas are things such as spiritual health, emotional health, your physical body, physical health, contribution, getting back to society, managing your time properly and consistently growing, so those are just some of the areas that really I focus on making sure that people find balance in all of those areas and so they are not succeeding at 8 areas and letting 2 of them fall short and that’s what you see often with people they find success in some of the areas and because some of them told them that is what it takes to be successful than unfortunately they will not be as good at finding success in the other areas and so I work with people using this titanium success method to help them find true balance in all those areas and live all of those areas at the peak.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You were very successful but not so happy, is that what inspired you to make this company and is that now your plan lets say to hand over your companies to other CEOs and then just focus on this one for more fulfillment in your life?

Arman Sadeghi: So what you are talking about, me having success in the fulfillment that was 21 years ago, I’m 37 years old now, when I was 16 years old I was very successful in the terms of what I thought success was which is I owned a computer business, I had at the age of 16 I had a 2 bedroom apartment and I drove a nice car, I would take trips over time, I had all the money I could spend which looking back wasn’t that much money, at the time of the 16-year-old kid growing up in a very very modest household I felt like I had all the money in the world. And so I had essentially everything I was supposed to have in order to be happy yet I was miserable, I had a hard time sleeping at night, I would often sit up till three or 4 o’clock in the morning watching television and barely getting myself to sleep, I would drag around all day and I wasn’t fulfilled, what happened is I was very blessed in that one of those nights as I was watching television I saw an infomercial from a gentleman named Tony Robbins and it was a beautiful experience because I purchased some of his CDs and that was the catalyst to me really turning my entire life around and that was the time when I decided I was going to go after fulfillment instead of just success, what I have been told about success was make yourself a company, make a lot of money, get a pretty girlfriend have a nice car and a nice house and travel a lot and you will be happy and to this day I meet with a lot of people who think that’s a great formula for happiness but the reality is that it’s not, I hadn’t learned the art of fulfillment yet I had learned about the science of success so I knew how to make a successful company and you have a pretty girlfriend and a nice car, I knew how to travel but I have not yet learned how to get fulfillment from that relationship with that woman or how to get fulfillment from the job that I’m doing in the company that I’m operating so I spent the last 21 years or so, in 2 years actually this path of consistently discovering more and more ways of not only having success but also having fulfillment and along the way I found shortcuts to success and I found shortcuts to fulfillment and my mission in life is to share that with people as much as I possibly can.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the difference in plain English between success and fulfillment? How to gain satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment?

Arman Sadeghi: The great question, success is the things that we think are going to bring us happiness so in plain English, success is if I have money I’ll find happiness and if I have this kind of career I find happiness and I think most of the population, the majority of people live by those types of rules for success, I’ve version redefined the word success so that for me the word success includes fulfillment, it depends on using the word, I don’t feel that I’m successful was unfulfilled so to say to me Arman when this interview was over was this interview a success for you it used to be that I would look at the facts and say well I said the right thing at the right time, we didn’t have any issues with our connection so therefore it was a successful interview but today I wouldn’t judge it that way I would say yes I said what I wanted to say, I didn’t accidentally say things I don’t mean, I was genuine, my hair was nice, all that stuff was great we had a good connection but that I enjoy the process? And if I didn’t enjoy the process I would say it’s not success but if I had a good time and I truly enjoy the interaction with you and I got to enjoy sharing my life with wonderful people out there then I could say that hey I enjoyed it and therefore was a successful interview but that’s my definition of success after 22 years of consistently re-creating it but if we want to really talk about success and fulfillment the way I believe most people define it I would say successes in science, it’s like a math formula, a physics equation. You do A, B, C, and D, then you are going to get your results so in a business success is often people judge it by profits but in a business when I coached business people I can help them obtain success in their business that is very easy, fulfillment about is the part that is really truly an art, to learn not only how to make a profit within your business but to enjoy doing it and make sure you have employees who enjoy doing it and in my opinion when you take fulfillment and you inserted inside of success so what you really have his success as a package of those 2 that’s when you find true success and true happiness enter fulfillment in your life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Which one of those three is more important, satisfaction happiness or fulfillment? And why?

Arman Sadeghi: Well satisfaction happiness and fulfillment I think those words are essentially describing the same things but to me satisfaction is at a level where your basic needs are met, happiness is one notch above that to me where not only are your basic needs met, are you satisfied with where things are at but you are finding joy in them. There’s happiness, there’s joy in what you are achieving, when you get to fulfillment I just think it’s a bigger word that is more encompassing and I think fulfillment means that not only are you feeding your needs for the short term but in your mind you know that what you are doing is going to serve you in the long term and I think that is where true fulfillment comes from is… It’s not short-lived happiness, it’s truly going to be long-term happiness that you can enjoy for hopefully the rest of your life but if not at least for sometimes the future.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is worklife balance a mess and how to create a real life balance?

Arman Sadeghi: Again it’s a very good question, worklife balance is certainly not a myth, I think you need to have balance between work and your personal life but it’s not really worklife balance, it’s balance on 10 different areas in a pie that we have served to imagine a pizza and it’s 10 different slices, your work is your career and possibly her finances which is another one of the slices, that is what your work encompasses so it’s not that you are either working or you are not, it’s that you are working or you are in an intimate relationship or you’re with your family or you’re working on your body, emotions and soul. What you truly need is balance in all those areas. So when we talk about the worklife balance, I don’t like the inherent concept of work life because I think you are just one person and work as a part of your life, so what you want to do is for example I coach a lot of men who are busy business people and their wives are always complaining about not spending time with them and the winds would claim that he doesn’t have a worklife balance but when you talk to him he says hey I work 12 hours a day, after work I go have a beer with my friends, on Mondays I watch Monday night football and on Sundays I watch football and on Saturdays I watch college football and on Friday nights I go out with my friends and I have work life balance but what that individual doesn’t have is the one slice is fun and maybe that is where they go to watch Monday night football and happy with their friends what they forget is that life is bigger than just that slice of fun life also includes an incredible relationship with your children and family and life also includes your intimate relationship…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Even if you don’t enjoy it? Maybe he doesn’t enjoy spending time with his wife.

Arman Sadeghi: Well if someone is not enjoying time with their spouse then my recommendation is to find out how to find joy in it and if it means that that individual is not something you can never find joy in then I don’t think you have any business being in that relationship. Because having an intimate relationship that you truly feel comfortable with is something that most of us have a deep desire and need for so to deny yourself of that I don’t think makes any sense. So I would not recommend personally for someone to stick around in a relationship where they are not fulfilled however I want to make sure I clarify this, you may not be happy and fulfilled in your relationship today but the reason is not that it’s not the right relationship for you, it could be the right relationship you just aren’t showing up as the right version of you so perhaps you are a married man and your wife is not you don’t have a good relationship with your wife but maybe it’s because you are not romantic enough with her maybe it’s because you don’t show her enough love maybe you don’t support her enough maybe you don’t care for her enough, maybe you want spending enough time being intimate with her which is what an intimate relationship is all about. Or on the other hand I talked a lot about men, a lot of women for example that I coach and I work with a lot of mothers when I asked them what is important to you they say family and as soon as I hear that I know there’s something wrong, I say where do your kids fall and they say family and where is your husband and they say family. My big thing is, intimacy and your relationship with your spouse are completely separate from your family and so therefore you can’t spend time with your kids and your husband and claim that his time with your partner because it’s not, what your husband needs is completely different from what your kids need. So then in essence a lot of folks are unhappy with their relationship because their relationship they’ve created is not the one that they want and it’s not the one that their spouse wants but they have sort of falling into this trap of putting it all in the family.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How to eliminate the junk and noise from our life?

Arman Sadeghi: You know it’s a matter of understanding what you want in life and why you want it because the noise is always going to be there, what you refer to as the junk will always be there whether it’s your email box and you are getting junk mail or you’re getting advertisements which are noise or when you talk about the world itself there is always going to be that noise and there is always going to be that junk that is always going to come at you but the way that I believe we stay focused is by knowing what we truly want in life and not what we want today but what we want in our future and having a clear-cut vision of that not just again for today or six months from now but at least the next 10 years of your life and preferably for the next 30 years and beyond and the way that I suggest people do this is take 10 different pieces of the pie and have written visions and written goals for what exactly you want in each of those areas and what you’ve done once you’ve done that you are halfway there, it’s one thing to know what you want but it’s almost as important if not more important to them know why it is that you want those things because the why is what’s going to pull you closer and closer to those things so let’s say your relationship might be that you want to have a beautiful relationship with your spouse and your close and intimate and love each other and are there for each other and live happily ever after, that’s a great wife, now we say well why do you want that? When you talk to a lot of men for example there why has to do with their career, they say well the reason I want that great relationship is because some of the greatest men in the world have incredible relationships and have a woman in their life who they connect with who makes him a better person and that is the reality of why they want that relationship and you might talk to someone else and they say well you know what in my heart I’m truly fulfilled whenever I have a connection with another human being and if I have that warmth in my heart it makes me unstoppable in other areas of my life. So everyone is going to have a different type of why but by having a clear why and what it allows you not only to know what you want but now the noise in the junk that is all around us in going to be so intrusive and so magnetic for you because you really know what it is that you want.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Are there any tools that you use to eliminate, to help you eliminate the noise from your life?

Arman Sadeghi: The simple tools that I use, I use a system of managing my time where I review what I want and why I want those things in all 10 different aspects of my life on a regular basis.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the 10 different aspects or the pie as you call it?

Arman Sadeghi: So I mentioned some of them earlier all try to remember them all from the top of my head, your intimate relationship, your family, fun, contribution, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, your career and/or your mission, your finances, and consistent growth. So those 10 areas are the areas where at all times I want to know what I want in all 10 of those areas and I have everything in my life fall into one of those 10 categories somehow and by knowing what I want and why I want them and reviewing them that allows me to stay focused and in fact I use a time management system that I share with people which is taking several different time management systems, taking the best of what they haven’t putting them together, it revolves around this concept of making sure that any task that you are going to complete is getting you closer to one of those tendrils.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What is the name of it?

Arman Sadeghi: It’s just the titanium time management system but it is based on a system by Franklin Covey, based on a Tony Robbins system called RPM, based on several other systems of time management putting those altogether.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it’s like a software that you sell?

Arman Sadeghi: It is not a software, it’s a method, a system we are actually working on a mobile phone at that will come out in 2015 that will allow you to utilize the time management system but it simply a method that I teach when I do my seminars in fact I think I have one coming up in mid-November but we do these courses, a one-day thing but the gist of the system that your viewers can pick up on right now is take everything that you do in your life, any task that you have whether it’s going to the grocery store, calling the client or taking your kids to the park and ask yourself, which of these 10 goals is this going to get me closer to and if it doesn’t get you closer to any of the 10 then don’t do it and if it does get you closer to one of those 10, simply ask yourself a question of is this the best way for me to get closer to this? For example if I’m going to take my wife to the movies and I say well that’s for my intimate relationship I ask myself is this getting me closer to something yes this is for my intimate relationship it’s a thumbs-up but is there something I could do that would have more of an impact on my intimate relationship and I might find that day may be the movies isn’t the best thing because my wife doesn’t like movies, maybe the best way to make my intimate relationship better is by going to dinner with her. Maybe what she would rather do is if we just sat on a park bench and talked so maybe there’s another task that gets me closer to my end goal and of course in your personal life it’s critical but in business it’s where you really see the system shine because I will sit with CEOs and directors of companies and high-level people and they’ll have them give me their task list for the day and we’ll look at the task list and in any business by the way you have pieces of the pie as well it’s usually not 10, can be anywhere from 5 to 12, I create that for business people and then when I go down there less typically 50% of the items they have on the list or more either don’t get them closer to any of their goals or if they get them closer to the goal there is another simpler task and this is the key, simpler and less time-consuming task that will get them closer to their goal then that particular task well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So you promise in your coaching courses to let the people discover their life business balance, work balance within hours instead of years, how do you do that? What do you focus on in your analysis with people?

Arman Sadeghi: Well I always start with trying to get people to really understand who they are and what they want in life because living in a society where there is 6 billion of us, television and Internet has such a drastic impact on how we think, often we find ourselves living other people’s lives or we find ourselves simply living a life based on survival or based on not making the mistakes of the past and instead I have people dig in and just think hey who am I? What am I all about, that something we call identity and knowing your true identity I think is a critical first step and after that, getting very very clear on exactly what you want and why you wanted in life and again all those 10 different areas, when that happens the reason I say I can help people achieve results in a matter of hours or maybe days or weeks at the most as opposed to waiting years is because if you know what you want and you have a clear vision for where you’re headed suddenly life becomes fulfilling, you don’t need to have $1 million in the bank for the viewers I want to make sure you understand this is true, you’ll need $1 million in the bank to feel like a millionaire, all you need is a plan and a vision that is compelling enough that it makes you feel like hey I will have $1 million in the bank at some point and is that what, what you write down is good enough and the why, the reasons behind it are compelling enough you’ll feel like a millionaire you don’t need the million dollars but the opposite is true as well, some people spend their lives and by the way this is what I learned when I was 16 years old although I was not a millionaire at 16 I was making good money, what you realize is you think the million dollars is what you want so people will work really hard towards the million dollars along the way they are miserable than they get the million dollars and they are still miserable and unfortunately that is why you see some of the most successful people in the world to take their own lives or on antidepressants or just living a life that is not beautiful and happy like it should be and I have all the success it’s because somewhere along the way they thought that something outside of themselves was going to make them happy so my focus is on making sure people are happy with where they are at today because if you are not happy with who you are and what you have today than when you get to your next step, when your dreams come true you’re still not going to be happy and that’s just a fact of life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You are a consultant in weight loss, fitness, entrepreneurship, relationships, self-love and you have a warrior mastermind don’t you think lots of things makes you less focused in which area do you like the most?

Arman Sadeghi: Good question I don’t believe lots of things make me less focused because there’s a common thread between all those things and it’s a common thread where I believe success in one area and fulfillment in one area leads to success and fulfillment in other areas and I believe that life is something where it’s like the human body so I studied neuroscience and I went to medical school and what I learned was that in medicine if someone is having heart problems or someone is having kidney problems or liver problems you cannot just treat the heart because if you are just looking at the heart than the person might have kidney failure, if in fact a lot of times when people are having issues with their heart it is not the heart that they come in complaining about, sometimes they are having heart failure and they go to the doctor because they say that my ankles are bloated so if we were looking at that person is just one individual organ we might treat their ankles, because there’s certain issues with the heart where the blood doesn’t return properly and the hardness and pump blood properly so literally your ankle swell up so you have this patient come in, if we treated their ankles we would stick a drain in their ankle injury and of the blood and it would go down and they would be back an hour later or a day later or a week later or a month later because we haven’t treated the real issue so it has to be a holistic approach because what is best for the heart may not be what’s best for the kidneys so we have to look at the entire body and say what can we do to the heart that is good for the heart that is not going to damage the kidneys in such a way that is overall going to be a negative as opposed to a positive so I coach people in self-love, relationships, fitness, business and all of that because I believe in a holistic system that addresses all of those so for example many come to me because they want to lose weight and I coach them on how to lose weight and my system of helping people lose weight as I believe more effective than any other system I personally been exposed to and there are thousands or millions of systems I’ve never been exposed to.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What’s your advice in that? What do you advise them usually?

Arman Sadeghi: Well the first thing I advise is I say, well look at the 10 pieces of the pie there are 10 pieces to the pie and physical health is only one of those pieces so if I give you health and wellness program that takes 2 hours out of your day assuming there are 24 hours in a day you’re going to sleep for eight of them I personally don’t sleep for eight and most people I coach and of realizing that six hours or seven hours of quality sleep for most people is better than eight but let’s assume you sleep eight, now you have 16 hours left, of the 16 hours to spend 2 hours at the gym which includes the drive there and getting in and working out and getting dressed and showering and leaving, in some cases people spent three hours there that is way way too much of your time spent there and that’s lazy people who lose weight in the short term and then get it all back, it’s not that the system is broken it’s that the system they are using is not sustainable over a lifetime. When I teach people’s number one when it comes to weight loss, you size your body in the kitchen and you shape your body in the gym what that means is don’t go to the gym to lose weight, go to the gym to lose weight is a complete waste of time because you cannot possibly lose weight at the gym and a sustainable manner over a lifetime. Yes you can go on the treadmill and torture yourself or three hours but at the end of the three hours you burnt enough calories so that you can have one ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. Or one hamburger and fries from in and out Burger, it doesn’t make sense to go and work so hard to burn the calories and then think that you’re done. So you size your body with what you eat and even with what you eat I teach people to eat, I don’t tell people to become vegan or vegetarian or any specific thing I just give them a list of all of the foods that you can possibly consume and I put them in 4 categories, one category is eat as much of this stuff as you want, second category is hate this stuff is good but limited, be careful, this could be bad for you if you have too much of it, the third category is the category of things that I say even if you love it but if you don’t love it, don’t eat it for example she falls into that category, potatoes, if you love cheese I seated but limited, don’t sit there and eat an entire block of cheese that if you are having a sandwich and you like cheese go ahead don’t keep yourself out of the cheese, have your cheese but limited and then there’s the final category of things that I believe should be completely eliminated and something like for example ice cream falls into that category, pizza falls into that category so it has to be eliminated unless of course you are cheating which in my diet I tell people you can do in fact ice cream and pizza the reason I bring them up are two of my favorite things and I don’t consume them every day but if someone told me I had to go ice cream and pizza for the rest of my life I think I would lose weight in the short term and at some point I would get off the diet and I would eat so much pizza and ice cream that I would gain all my weight back.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: So it’s like a low-carb thing and basically you make them eat everything and it’s like develop habits in track and use some systems to track what say the calories to know that they are on the right track?

Arman Sadeghi: It’s even simpler than that, 1 it’s not a low-carb diet even though yes you do reduce your cards, carbohydrates and fats and proteins are the three different main groups of things that I talk about, when it comes to carbohydrates I recommend limiting the amount of carbohydrates and within carbohydrates having good carbohydrates as opposed about carbohydrates for example if you like rice, then excuse me you should have brown rice as opposed to white rice, you should have wheat bread as opposed to white bread so that’s a carbohydrates and there is more to that but that’s the basics of it, when it comes to fat I recommend good fats is a post about fats so a good fat would be the one that comes from peanuts, peanut butter and olive oil as opposed to the bad fats that come from say butter so you want to cut out the bad fat and have more of the good fat, when it comes to protein I recommend getting your protein from healthy choices is a post on healthy choices so if you’re talking about me for example you can have red meat, chicken or fish, fish is going to be the healthiest, chicken is the second healthiest and red meat is the least healthy but if you are going to have red meat, within red meat there are different types of meat you can consume, let’s say you’re at a steakhouse you can order a filet mignon, you can order New York State or sirloin or you can order ribeye. The Rabbi is the worst because it has tons of fat over it, New York or sirloin is somewhere in the middle and the delay is going to be the leanest so you choose the filet if you want the healthiest option and more importantly if you are eating at a restaurant you told them to hold the butter because they will serve your filet mignon and they only have 200 cal people don’t realize this but when you need a filet mignon it has almost no calories, it’s must less than an ice cream continentals you’re pretty well.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: They mess it up with the mashed potatoes or like french fries as well.

Arman Sadeghi: Yeah exactly mashed potatoes and french fries and things like that but that’s what you see, what you don’t see is that right before that state came out they also put a stick of butter on it and that better, that little glaze of butter on top has more calories and is going to cause you to gain more weight than the entire steak or they decide to be healthy for example in the order, imagine a healthy meal, they order a piece of chicken, some steamed vegetables and on the side they get let’s say a salad, you can get unhealthier than that. What is the problem with that, the chicken probably has better over it or the fish probably has butter all over it then you get the grill vegetables you think you’re being healthy but again right before came out they put a stick of butter on there and the salad that you think is so healthy because you ordered it with fat-free dressing actually fat-free dressing is almost as bad as regular dressing because it’s just full of sugar, how do you make something with no fat is good? Just add more sugar. So you have these fat-free dressings and people think I’m being healthy and eating a salad but they are having fat-free dressing and that dressing has more calories, you may as well just have had two slices of pizza and that’s what I teach people, I say look what you love, they say I love pizza and I say okay stop putting dresses on your salad instead have two slices of pizza week and most people say I’d love to do that, I’m more than happy not having any salad dressing seven nights a week and then one of the nights I eat 2 slices of pizza and when you work up the calories it works at the same so I do want to go back here, though, I don’t have people count calories, I do not have them count calories because I believe in my opinion it’s a waste of time and is not sustainable over a lifetime, I don’t tell people to create preorder diet, I don’t tell people to have six meals a day all of those things are fancy little tricks that will work for a week or a month but they are not sustainable over a lifetime so I give a guide again, for different categories of foods, what you should and shouldn’t eat, what you should limit and so on and so forth and then what I have people do is I have people weigh themselves every single day seven days a week, some diet specifically tell you not to weigh yourself everyday, minus second the opposite I say weigh yourself seven days a week so you need to counter calories on a Monday to know that you consume too much, no, because on Tuesday the scale will tell you that you consume too much so you’re watching your weight every day, you don’t use a normal skill, they have these scales and I don’t sponsor any of these companies but there is one particular one that I use at home call the withings scale, it’s spelled with things, all one word, this scale actually connects to the wireless Internet in your home and every time you weigh yourself it essentially means your way to the Internet and you can have an app on your phone so I have an iPhone here and at where I can go on and I can track my weight so I have my weight for every single day for the last six years of my life. Track every day so as he charts and graphs and when I gain way I know I’ve gained weight and when I lose weight I know I lost weight so basically its management by results of supposed effort, when you said how can you coach fitness and nutrition and also coached business the reason is because the tools of the same. When I’m coaching a business person I say look managed by results, not by effort. When I’m talking to someone about losing weight I say look manager weight based on results not effort, effort would be counting your calories or in the terms of a business looking at how many hours an employee is working, results is looking at key performance indicators, KPI’s for my business folks out there. What to KPI in business well how much incensed you have, what the KPI in personal life? How much do you weigh, what’s your body fat percentage, what’s your network, how much that you have, what are your monthly expenses, what was your income, how much do you invest? Those types of things are the key performance indicators that you can track in your life and you can find really keeping yourself healthy, fit, great relationships and great business, some simple principles will actually cover all of them.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You should weigh yourself like mainly in the morning when you wake up and just to add like when I started really losing weight I used an app called my fitness pal just for one month just to understand what say pineapple juice is better than orange juice in terms of calories, just to have an idea to understand and I replace this with that and then I started developing a habit without tracking just to know this is better than this and as you say you weigh yourself on a daily basis or every 2 days to see on long-term that you are losing slowly slowly as a lifestyle not to punish yourself. So you should weigh yourself in the morning or evening?

Arman Sadeghi: I tell people to weigh yourself at a time where you’re going to do it every single day so the morning is best that you do it in the morning, evening is best in the evening in fact it’s interesting you asked me that question because I typically tell people to do it whenever they want and then of course inherently they asked me: do you do it so my answer is always well I do it in the morning, I wake up and use the restroom and the next thing I do is I weigh myself, why? It’s easy routine, I rarely forget, I seldom forget to weigh myself without receiving and then I caught myself a few times…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Plus it feels the best because you’re usually in the least weight of the day because he just that.

Arman Sadeghi: It’s very true, by the way you burn most of your calories at night while you are asleep which is interesting, that’s when your body is repairing and part of the reason I focus so much on people having good quality sleep as opposed to more sleep which is what people want I teach people to have better quality sleep in fewer hours. To comment on the weight thing, I’m actually considering a switch to recommending that people weigh themselves at night and I’m experimenting with it myself and I don’t ever teach anything until it works with me and I proven to work with some other people, then I will share publicly but my theory on this that I’m trying to figure out and I believe to be true with my results so far is that weighing yourself at night might actually be better for a lot of people because me for example dinner is when I typically will consume the most food and dinner is when I’m more likely to cheat and what I found out as I was sitting at the dinner table and I’ll be a little bit extra and all have dessert knowing that somehow even though it doesn’t make any sense I don’t have to weigh myself for another 14 hours because it’s going to be in the morning and I found that if I have to weigh myself at night after dinner or before going to sleep it makes me think that the consequences are closer meaning I’m eating dinner now and in 90 minutes I have to get on the scale so every bite is one extra whatever, amount of weight and when you see on the scale and I’m experimenting with it, when I’m all done I’ll have my recommendations for people but for now I say pick a time anytime and just be consistent with it.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: If you can share with us like a sheet for those like schedule for the food, the four parts in which part is better than the others I would appreciate it so we can share it on the interview later. Tell us more about your events and masterminds like how long does it take and how much does it cost?

Arman Sadeghi: Perfect, I do the events I do 2 or three times a year, I’m holding these large-scale events which are my favorite thing to do the call titanium live, it’s three days of me on stage and a group of really fun amazing people, the way that I run my events I tell people it’s sort of a rock concert and a seminar combined into one so some people come to my seminar because they love hearing what I have to say that I would say that more than half the people come just because they love the environment, you are in this environment with a lot of really amazing people, we have a lot of competitions and teams, 10 different teams with different team colors and different identities for the teams it’s so much fun, it becomes a must like people go through one of our events they go through is the yellow team with a red team and it almost becomes part of their identity kind of like I went to the school Berkeley so I’m a Cal bear and when I see people from Stanford I kind of look at them and I say how you Stanford people, people get the same sense when they come to my events so it’s just a really fun time and I get results for people, people come to my events and turn their business around, lose weight, get into good shape, turn their relationship around find the relationship they’ve been looking for in so many other things but they get results. So the finest and just for fun there is something happening there and there’s some magic and science behind it. Those are three-day events, the cost to attend what my seminars is typically about $600, although if you buy the tickets in advance we often sell them for much less than that of the earlybird discounts I believe right now in fact our next event is February 2015 in the Los Angeles area and don’t quote me on this, please go online but I think for the next couple of weeks tickets are at I think about $200 or $250 so very low rate if you buy them in advance. I also do a one day time management seminar, I do a one-day business seminar, prices for those can be found online and then I do a one-day leadership course which is only for people who come through titanium once and graduated from titanium, then they can participate in this. Then I have all kinds of masterminds, these masterminds are for people who want specific results in one area so it could be my business crush mastermind, entrepreneurs mastermind, weight loss fitness whatever it is so for those there are two monthly meetings via phone so it’s a phone conference sometimes it could be a webinar and it’s me leading the group and giving them new content in whatever area and then is also a way for me to hold people accountable, I will assign things for the team to do, there are emails that go out, either way it’s a beautiful community where you can associate with people who are very like-minded, my favorite of all of them 2 of my favorites are the fitness one and the business crushers, the business crushers mastermind we have some brilliant brilliant business people, many of them who have attained much success in business than even I have and they come together, there’s a group of we limit those groups to about 12 or 15 people max and when they come together, one person will ask a question and sparks fly and you’ve got all these different answers coming from people within this group and that’s the point of a mastermind.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: It’s a membership or how does it work?

Arman Sadeghi: You pay for a monthly fee to be a part of it, there’s a six-month commitment for most of them, the cost of the masterminds very so it would be best to check on her website titanium success.com but some of them are very very affordable as well as $100 a month, some with the business one or more expensive but still they are very affordable, it’s an affordable way to get me to coach you on a regular basis because the third option after the seminars in the masterminds is one-on-one coaching with me and for my one-on-one coaching I typically don’t promoted very much at all, I don’t talk about it a lot, I limit myself to no more than 10 individual clients at one time and so most times I can’t take on any new clients or maybe I have slots for one or two, we probably could take on one more right now at no more than that until we have some space opening up, for one-on-one the price tag is fairly high because of everything that I deliver I talked to my clients weekly, I email and text message and do all that stuff almost on a daily basis, it’s regular accountability, constant feedback which is really great for some people but for others it are the cost is too high or they are not ready for that step yet or unfortunately I can’t take them on as a client so I always suggest the masterminds is a great way of getting me on a regular basis and doing it at a very very nominal cost.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: I’m curious like how do you market for your services like is your strategy like through the research I noticed that you don’t market online so you just have let’s say yearly event and then maybe when you have the events you do social media ads on things to fill the events and then through the events you have like referrals and word-of-mouth for coaching clients, is that your strategy to minimize the noise and lots of marketing and things, how does it work just like this is my analysis, how you market for your services.

Arman Sadeghi: Absolutely you are right that we don’t market and advertise a lot, the reality of it is in a business like titanium success or even all green recycling in most of my companies I shy away from a lot of marketing and advertisement and I believe that the best companies in the world are those that are driven by word-of-mouth and so my last event, 50% of the people who were in the room were referred by previous participants and believe it or not, 20% of the room were repeat participants so that’s a big number, that means that one out of every five people had already been to an event and was paying to go through it again so when you have that high of a percentage of your client either repeat or referral it creates a much better base, one it costs a lot less to have people come back as far as finances, money upfront although in reality, the only way you can get people to come back as you just have to add tons and tons of value but that’s what I’ve been fortunate to be able to do as I’ve added a lot of value for people so when they come to my seminars I always overdeliver, my coaching clients right before I had this with you I had a coaching client that I was supposed to coach for 50 minutes and an hour and 45 minutes into the call she said well don’t you have another appointment and I said oh yes I have to go for an interview but by overdelivering, now she is referring me to her family and friends but that’s typical way that I do marketing but we do traditional marketing also we do ads online and social media marketing and print ads and email campaigns and things but they are only for about 20% of our total traction and my goal in the long term is to fill rooms with five or 10,000 people and if I have 10,000 people my goal is that 9000 of them are repeat and referrals and only 1000 of them are people who are coming in traditional marketing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you learn more from success or failure and why?

Arman Sadeghi: No question, you learn more from failures if you allow yourself to learn from them, in fact you can really see it but right behind me up there there’s a picture of a basketball quote by Michael Jordan, if you don’t mind I’ll turn around and read it, it says I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career I lost about 300 games, 26 times of interested to take the game-winning shot and I’ve missed, I failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. So failure can be looked at in multiple ways, I embrace failure I love failure, I asked for it I call it, I don’t call it by being lazy and not following through and then say well I failed, no, I look failure in the eyes and say listen I’m going to conquer you but if you come get me I’m not scared of you because I might fail once, I might get knocked down but I’m getting right back up, there’s no question that in the game of life, if life was boxing you are not going to get through life without getting knocked down. The question is do you get knocked down or do you get knocked out and in my life I’ve been knocked down more times than I can possibly remember, Michael Jordan has statistics he can look back on but no one is keeping stats on my life so I don’t know how many hundreds of times I fallen flat on my face but the one thing is for sure is that I always get back up so my failures are unquestionably where I’ve learned the most and any success I’ve ever had in life I believe has come as a result of the previous failure.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are your like… Sorry.

Arman Sadeghi: I said and I have no reason to believe that that will change, I assume going forward it will be the same.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you have any current fears or future fears if any and why?

Arman Sadeghi: Absolutely I have fears, people will come to me because part of what I do which we haven’t talked about is I’m a specialist in NLP, neurolinguistic programming so I can have people overcome fears and phobias and sometimes people come to me and say help me overcome my fear of heights and I’ll say why and they’ll say because I don’t want to be scared of heights and I say that’s crazy if you want scared of heights you’re going to die because you’re going to follow something really high and so the question I then asked them is is this a false debilitating fear meeting are you scared of heights because if you are scared of heights good that’s a very very good thing you want to be scared of heights trust may otherwise you are going to go on a fourth floor balcony and you’re going to decide to balance yourself on the ledge and you’re going to left up one of your legs and start whistling and talking and dancing until you fall off and kill yourself. Fear of heights is a very good thing. But I debilitating false fear is a totally different story so people will come to me because they will say hey I have a phobia of confined spaces and I say once again that’s a good thing because you don’t want to decide to take a nap in your microwave or your kitchen in the refrigerator or in a drawer in your desk because that’s not a good thing you could suffocate but they say oh well I have a phobia of being on a subway and I say oh that’s not really that could find of the space, it’s not hurting you so that background is to basically say that I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with fear as I think fears are good thing and we all have been and the people who claim they don’t are either lying or dying because if you don’t have fear you are going to get yourself killed or you are just lying in keeping and insights I certainly have lots of fears but I have eliminated all of the debilitating false years of my life so I don’t have a fear of failure, I don’t have a fear of a mentioned heights they used to have a phobia of heights, I used to go on the second floor of a building and if I went up to the balcony I would start shaking, that’s debilitating. Today you could put me on the 90th floor of the building and I’ll walk right up to the balcony and get up right up to the edge holding the rail but if I stick my head out and start looking down I get a little uncomfortable but that’s a good thing because that will keep me out of harms way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Share with us some tools or software is that you use to make you more efficient?

Arman Sadeghi: For efficiency I use multiple different tools, there are things in my seminar I share with people just a couple of quick ones that I can blurt out here that I think everyone should use, for your personal finances mint.com, the best personal finance till you could possibly use, it’s incredible I have all my clients use it and again I’m not affiliated with them or anything, I will talk about the specifics of what it does but it’s a great tool, the withing scale is a great tool, for businesses if you are a salesperson or you are a company that has sales or if you are an individual operator or have a small business, salesforce.com regardless of your size is an incredibly powerful tool that if you use properly you can track your sales and think is valuable for companies of any size but I believe that for small businesses and individual owners, people who operate by themselves, salesforce.com is critical because it allows you to create a sales funnel and track your sales, those are three quick tool that I’ll throw out there, I have a tool, some rituals that I have that I share with people at my seminars and as part of my masterminds which if any of the folks watching choose to attend or join I would love to have you there that I have my fitness guide, I have 4 or five page fitness guide that all breaks down into one page, that’s the magic, I have a 25 minute workout which is a predetermined workout, it’s for different days and it’s a very simple to do, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner intermediate or if you’ve been working out for 10 or 20 years, it’s a very simple so you can use, for time management I have this one tool that is going to be developed into an application, I have a tool that is literally a Microsoft Word document that you can use to maintain your tasks and it plays on the concept of talked about before of knowing what you want and why and everything. Those are some of my tools.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: How is your daily life and work routine looking like and what are your other hobbies?

Arman Sadeghi: So my day typically begins really early, although I grew up thinking I was not a morning person and I love to sleep then I realized at one point that my life just wasn’t fulfilling and that’s why it didn’t really have a reason to get up in the morning so these days I get up at 4 o’clock in the morning on the weekend days which is really early I know but I have this theory that if the sun beats me out of bed the minority starting my day late and I’m already behind. I get up and within about 10 minutes I like to get out of the house and go for a very very quick jog, I don’t believe in doing cardiovascular exercise at all in fact my fitness routine is 25 minutes of weightlifting that has cardio built into it so the reason I do a job is not for cardio, I do it more as a mental exercise and I do this practice of incantations were a repeat certain phrases over and over again, incantations or something that we won’t get into too deeply now but it’s a great exercise to keep your mind focused and make sure your subconscious mind and conscious mind are on the same page so within 10 minutes I’m out of the house I do 5 to 7 to maximum 10 minutes, I come back home and they give myself another 10 minutes to get out of the house for good for the day so I get in, I grab my gym close, I wear my gym close out of the house and I grab my work clothes but those in the car and I had out, I get to the gym and from the gym I give myself exactly 50 minutes, when I coach ladies I tell the ladies they have 60 minutes because they sometimes have a few more things to do but it’s 50 or 60 minutes car to car. Car to car means the moment you get out of your car to the moment going into the gym locker room whatever you’re going to do, getting up to the gym floor, working out, completing your workout and then here’s the tricky part, getting back in the locker room, showering shaving putting on your makeup getting dressed whatever else you’re going to do you have to do all of those things and then get back in your car for men in less than 15 minutes and for women in less than 60 minutes because if you’re going to take more than that it is not going to be sustainable, if you are in a gym that starting you uncomfortable while here’s what I say hey you might need to spend a few more dollars getting a better gym membership, it’s well worth it because it will help you that much more efficient so I’m up at four again out of the house to my incantations get out of the house very quickly had to the gym spend 50 minutes car to car and then get back in and at that point I’m off to the office I get to the office or to my meetings wherever I have to go I worked my butt off all day in the zone, I don’t allow personal things interfere with my work so my friends or family are texting her calling me I typically will not respond to them during the day unless I’m on a restroom break or having lunch and even in those cases it’s rare I usually ignore all personal things until the day is done and at one point I switch from what I call career zone to personal zone and I’ll say okay I’m done with work and shut it off, get in my car and head home or fun picking up my kids from school, I have 2 beautiful little girls they are three and four years old, and so either I picked them up from school or in most cases I go home and someone has already picked them up and they are at home and I spent time with them. My nightly routine differs, today happens to be a Tuesday that we are doing this interview, Tuesdays are date night with my wife so on Tuesdays we forget the fact that we have kids and friends and all of that and we go on a date and sometimes our dates are really boring we just go do taco Tuesday, sometimes our dates are fun and crazy and adventurous, sometimes I surprised my wife with a fun little add-ons where they, sometimes we cheat and we eat pizza and have ice cream afterwards, sometimes were healthy and eat at whole foods and have a salad with a little bit of olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Is she hating us now?

Arman Sadeghi: I’m sorry?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: She hating us now?

Arman Sadeghi: No, that’s at night, so she gets to have me tonight so my nightly routine differs with the key to my day is that I go from one zone to the next, what that means is when I’m with my kids 90% of the time, there are exceptions because sometimes you just can’t turn off your phone when I’m at work, 90% of the time I’m not answering personal calls. When I’m on a date with my wife I’m not worried about how the kids are, I’m intelligent enough to leave my kids with someone who is going to take care of them and once I leave the house I’m done, my wife and I just took a vacation together we had a beautiful time in Mexico and Cancun and while we’re there we didn’t have the kids with us and we didn’t worry about them the whole time because we left them with someone we trust and love and we were focused in the zone of relaxation and intimacy and love with each other. So my day can be very much summarized in pieces that are all self-contained.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you follow any routine to sleep?

Ahmed Al Kiremli: As far as my sleeping routine, it’s pretty simple I don’t believe in getting in bed unless you’re going to sleep so I always say the bed was made for two things into things only, intimacy and sleep to use some PG words, that’s all that is made for, I don’t believe in reading for extended periods of time or TV in bed, and TV I completely do not believe in it all, in fact I don’t believe in television or radio, television is the electronic income producer as I’ve learned from some of my coaches in the radio is a great way of wasting time while you’re in the car so why you’re in the car I believe in listening to books on tape, listening to audio programs and things like that which is what I always do, my car is what Jim Rome calls a mobile classroom, every day when I get into my car I’m inside of a mobile classroom.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Do you use audible?

Arman Sadeghi: I do use audible and I use iTunes, I also purchase audio programs from various different sources and take the CDs and they still, CDs right eye pop them in my computer and transfer them to iTunes and put it on my phone and at any point if I lost my phone, if I go on here if I were to step in my car by the way the Bluetooth would automatically pick up my audible in the book starts without me even trying to put it on, it’s a beautiful feature that love, sometimes people sit in my car and they say well what is that? But if I go to audible right now there is the book I’m reading right now it’s called good to great, I believe I’ve read this book 12 times so this might be my 13th or 14th time that I’m listening to it and never the actual book, but going back to your question you just get into bed and you go to sleep. I do some meditation to help me sleep if I feel like I’m going to have difficulty sleeping but my key to sleep is the simple routine that I share with you very briefly, if you want to know how much sleep you need and you want to control your sleep the way you do it is best, most people control what time they wake up in the morning, so they get to that later they feel tired and what do they do, they sleep in the morning. I have a simple rule, you do not get to change what time you wake up in the morning but you get to go to sleep whenever you want. So if you think you need 12 hours of sleep perfect, you wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning and if you want 12 hours of sleep and go to bed at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. But most people will do what I challenge them to do that, the first day they end up getting only three or four hours of sleep because they stay up too late but the second or third or fourth day they start getting really tired and they are going to be smarter about when they go to sleep and within about a week it takes a total of about two weeks or three weeks it becomes a lifestyle but at about a week you are pretty much set where you start to understand how much sleep you need, when I do this it typically turns out I need somewhere between 5 to 6 hours of sleep, at five hours I’m okay that I’m a little tired, at six hours I’m solid. One of the things is I don’t drink caffeine, because I believe that caffeine gives you a short burst with the tires you up later and I know a lot of people who drink caffeine in the afternoon and evening and having caffeine in the afternoon and evening just means that now you need to spend more time in bed getting less restful sleep so caffeine even though it gets you a pickup today it really hurts you for tomorrow. Tomorrow you don’t get the sleep you need tonight so tomorrow you are not going to be as alert and well rested.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: But how to switch off? Sometimes it’s very difficult for me to switch off my brain to think about new ideas or to put a new note on Evernote, sometimes you feel that you are in this zone of sleeping and then it just goes away suddenly and you stay awake for three or four hours.

Arman Sadeghi: I have 2 answers to that, one answer is most of the time when I find people who say I have a hard time turning it off at night, it’s because they are not a good sleep schedule if you are on a good sleep schedule I’m telling you and I’m not perfect either so keep in mind when I talk about these things I’m good at doing them 90 to 95% of the time but I thought the wagon like anybody else does and then I have to get myself back on but when I’m on my game, I’m up at 4 o’clock in the morning and I’m in bed by 10 or 11 o’clock. Let me tell you, when 1030 rolls around and I get to bed I don’t care what I have in my head I hit that bed and I’m gone, I’m out, I don’t care if I discovered the secret to life or I solved one of the biggest problems of the universe I’m so tired when I hit that bed that I’m out cold. There might be exceptions every once in a while and again it is very very seldom and when that is the case or for me it’s I feel this way when sometimes I sleep in and get lazy and instead of getting up at 4 AM I get up at 6:30 AM and now I’ve had an extra two hours of sleep and I wake up in the problem is that night there’s no way I’m going to be tired at 10 or 1030 so my body is going to want to stay up later and that’s when your brain starts giving excuses by getting all these great ideas because it’s just a trick, away from the not want to go to sleep.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: You don’t do any naps?

Arman Sadeghi: I don’t believe in naps, here’s the thing with naps when I say I don’t believe in them I don’t believe in them for Arman, for my body napping doesn’t work because when I take a nap I end up more tired, but for some people from what I understand that it works really well for them they do a quick power nap or 20 or 30 minutes whatever it is and they wake up feeling great, I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for me so I don’t tell people to take naps are not, I personally don’t like them but people can do is they want but what I do if I am in one of the circumstances where my mind is racing, I do a simple sort of meditation technique that I was taught 15 years ago when I went to the doctor complaining that I was an insomniac and really what it was that I was just sleeping too much in the mornings and I just couldn’t sleep at night which is what I find for 90% of the people that see me, it’s just that they lay in bed for too many hours and not getting restful sleep. So it’s a simple exercise were you close your eyes and there are multiple ways of doing it but you can imagine that you are laying on the cloud and his thoughts come to your mind you acknowledge that thought so if you are thinking about how I have to take the kids to school tomorrow you acknowledge that you have that thought and then you imagine it as a piece of paper and you imagine going away from the cloud and then it disappears and then you just go back to focusing on your breathing and almost immediately you will have another thought, again acknowledge it because your brain wants to know that you’ve acknowledged it right, acknowledge it and then watched it disappear again, the next one comes etc. Every once in a while you’ll have an old thought that yard had come back. Again you acknowledge it and watch it disappear and when I do this exercise with people they find that often within a few minutes they are out cold and your brain just wants to know that those thoughts are acknowledged and I do a slight variation of it sometimes where if I have thoughts that are negative thoughts that I don’t want to have I imagine that they go into a trashcan so now there’s a little trashcan sitting next to me on my cloud, if you can imagine your own card you can have a trashcan there too so I imagine it goes into the trashcan and if it’s a very positive or good thought that I don’t want to forget I imagine that instead of it getting crumpled up and going away I imagine it gets fouled up in a folder. So it goes into that folder…

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like the old-fashioned way of Windows when it’s like that?

Arman Sadeghi: Yeah that’s exactly it yes so you can think of it that way and it works for me to help me go to sleep when I’m not ready.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Who are your top three mentors?

Arman Sadeghi: My top three mentors gosh that’s a great question I would have to say my mother and my father, I’ve got a lump them up together because I’ve learned so much from them and it’s amazing because my dad has away with his words he has such beautiful words when he speaks it just inspires me and has inspired me for 30 some years and my mom is this woman who is all about action, her words aren’t inspiring, she wasn’t blessed with the gift of being able to talk to people and make them inspire, when she speaks she is perfectly fine but she doesn’t inspire people but her actions I’ll tell you her actions are inspiring she is the kind of woman who when we were younger and struggling financially she used to work two full-time jobs and still come home and cook for us in going after us and all that stuff, an incredible woman so they are my mentors and Anthony Robbins is a huge mentor for me he is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people in the area of personal development and I’ve learned a lot from him. My third mentor, so difficult, I pride myself on having so many mentors, I would say the third person as my wife, I’ve learned so much from her and eight years of being with her she is just an incredible woman and I learned more from her than I could’ve ever imagined when I decided to get married but she is beautiful, she is brilliant she is beautiful inside and out she is brilliant, I watch how she wins people over with her beautiful heart and I could read all the books in the world but just watching her for an hour teaches me how to truly lead with my heart and then left.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: The most important factors for success in three words?

Arman Sadeghi: Hard work and efficiency.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: All right, your top three apps that you use on your smartphone?

Arman Sadeghi: Top three apps, that’s a good one let me look at my phone, withings is a big one I love it, mid.com is the second one and I don’t know if the text messaging one counts but I use text messaging a lot, was my third favorite, I like these questions by the way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Like WhatsApp you use?

Arman Sadeghi: What’s that? I do that yeah I was going to name one of them but there’s a text messaging feature use more.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What are the habits you are trying to develop to stay efficient?

Arman Sadeghi: Doing a time management exercise every morning because it’s difficult to get yourself to focus on time management when you’re busy and when you are busy and overwhelmed is when you need time management the most I try not to fall back into that so every morning I like to do a time management session, I turned to develop that, another one that I’m always working on and I don’t know if I will ever get to stop working on this, my oldest daughter is 3 1/2 years old and I won’t say I struggle but it’s something that I have to consistently work on is figuring out how to spend more and more quality time with her so the habit of trying to build there is to spend quality good quality time with my 2 daughters on a regular basis and make sure that I’m 100% present when I’m there, I’m always working on my sleep habits, always working on my eating habits, and always working on my language and the way I treat other people because I want to be loving and kind to everyone I come across and sometimes that’s hard when you are going through life everyday life but that the habit of the more you work on the better you get at it and I work on it every day.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Your top three through books?

Arman Sadeghi: My favorite book of all time without question is how to Win friends and influence people by Gale Carnegie, my second favorite book of all time is a business book that I showed you on my phone I was reading, good to great, an incredible book by Jim Collins and the third book is actually Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: The biography.

Arman Sadeghi: Yes, great, beautiful and a lot of other things by Walter Isaacson are great as well, the Einstein book is incredible as well but Steve Jobs’s book has so many lessons in there for business people and nonbusiness people and I enjoy that a lot.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Top three people that you are inspired by?

Arman Sadeghi: Top three people I’m inspired by. I would say gosh that’s a good question so many people inspire me, I’m inspired by Abraham Lincoln who obviously is no longer with us but his words and his wisdom inspire me to this day, I’m very much inspired by Tony Robbins still to this day, incredible man, I won’t bring my mother and father back into this but they inspire me quite a bit and I say there are so many… I’ll just, the third one has to be my father he inspires me consistently.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: What makes you really happy?

Arman Sadeghi: What makes me really happy, life just being alive, I don’t need too many reasons to be happy I’m sort of a BMI crazy person when I teach other people to join my crazy party but life makes me happy, being alive being here, if I’m healthy and happy, if I’m under the weather I’m still happy, if I’m wealthy, if I’m not, whatever it is I just love life.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Last question, how can people contact you?

Arman Sadeghi: In multiple ways, the easiest way is via email, our website is titanium success.com, my email is just my first name Arman@titaniumsuccess.com, our phone numbers on the website and people can always use that. When you look at the business card and tell you the number one, if the toll-free number, 844, eight titanium. There is a list talking about the phone starts ringing, I think it heard me. But Arman@titanium success.com is definitely the best way.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you so much Arman for this beautiful journey, not interview, I really enjoyed it all.

Arman Sadeghi: Thank you so much for taking the time and for everyone who is out there watching I just hope that my words will inspire you to want more from your life and not just more stuff but to one more fulfillment out of your life because it is the one true gift that I’ve been given by my mentors and I hope I can share the gift with you at some point.

Ahmed Al Kiremli: Thank you, my pleasure. Thanks everyone, be efficient and stay efficient and see you soon with another leading expert.

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